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Biking Canavese


Treat yourself to an active and relaxing holiday, by bicycle, discovering the Canavese area.

It will be a small, big journey in freedom, to discover a surprising territory.


Discovery 1: March 28 to April 1, 2024

Discovery 2: April 24 to 28, 2024

If you want to take a cycling holiday, rely on us.
We offer you a cycling holiday with circular routes and daily return to the facility without having to move your luggage.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To stay balanced you have to move.
(A. Einstein)




A territory recco of history: land of the Salassi – ancient population of Celtic origin – later conquered byRomans. Then inhabited by the Lombards, chere nextthey are the March of Ivrea, which saw the coronation ofArduino, first king of Italy (1002).
The toponym that today designates the region appears for the first time in a diploma from 951 with whichBerengarII and his son Adalberto grant the nuns of S.Maria in Pavia “curtemCanavesecum castro quod diceRepair itcum omni sua relevantia”, and derives from a small cur
tis located near Cuorgnè,Canavaprecisely.

Much of modern history andContemporaryit is linked to the fate of the godsSavoy, which brought political stability, which in turn promoted decent economic growth. This favored the construction ofcastlesand monasteries, built starting from the 15th century.
In the 16th centuryCanavesefell under dominion againFrench, then Spanish, then againSavoyuntil the end of the 18th century, when it ended up again under the control of the French (first RepublicJacobinand then Bonapartist).

In the last 2 centuries the history ofCanavesecoincides with the history of the Risorgimento and of Italy before it, and with the birth (and decline) of the SocietyOlivettiThen.



Discover theCanavesetraveling along scenic itineraries in one of themost beautiful and unexplored areas of Piedmont.

We offer you three itineraries, of medium difficulty, with the assistance of onecycling guidewho will accompany you to explore places and landscapes of the Canavese lands.

During the routes you will make stops in theSavoy residences world heritage siteUNESCO, you will taste the dessert wines produced bycellarswith decades-long stories and you will taste thedairy products coming from the mountain pastures of the Canavese area. Here is the program:

Day 1. Arrival and accommodation


Day 2. Discovering the West Morena

Day 3. Discovering Valchiusella

Day 4. On the roads of the Giro d'Italia

Day 5. Departure

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Package indouble/triple roomwith bathroom€790.00

Package insingle room with bathroom€990.00

Full e-bike rental €200.00

Front e-bike rental €150.00

Photos Trips & Surroundings


Canavese Discovery




25,000 m2 of park 

Free Wi-Fi 


Animal Friendly


Disabled Access

Bike Friendly



About us


I've been there on several occasions, excellent food, very friendly staff and a very nice park for children!

 Absolutely recommended, especially during the day on nice days!

Discovered by chance thanks to the Holiday Bonus, we stayed with the family for 3 days, having a great time both for the structure (large surrounding space where the children could play) and for the hospitality of the owners! 

We spent three days in this structure, in front of a large park, with swings, slides, tree houses, the children had a lot of fun. Excellent hospitality. And also the simple but refined food.  Definitely recommended!

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