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Stays and trips for schools 


For over 30 years  Equin'Ozio is a point of reference for primary and secondary schools:

we offer a wide educational proposal for a unique and original experience.

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School year 23/24


Since 1990 we have been organizing trips and educational stays for nursery, primary and lower secondary schools, offering various educational courses lasting one or more days.


We dedicate the spaces of our facility and our attention to kids on trips, exclusively. Meals are prepared in our kitchen with particular attention to balancing the needs of proper nutrition with the desires of the children.


Our workshops can be modulated according to the needs of teachers and students.

To ensure that the experience at Equin'Ozio is not fragmented, we have decided to organize ecological workshops-paths.


The educational activities are (download the PDF file for more information):


• THE FOREST - get to know the forest: the discovery of the ecosystem
• THE FOREST - the life of bees: all natural, all organic

• IL BOSCO - orienteering: orienting oneself becomes play and knowledge
• THE FOREST - the footsteps:find the footprints of wild animals and listen to the sound tracks

• THE FOREST - sensory:the forest through the senses

• CERAMIC: artisanal and cultural expression of the place
• THE CASTLES: architecture, culture and history of the place
• THEATER WORKSHOP:The actor's game

• RIDING WORKSHOP:Pony games and ethology



25,000 m2 of park 

F.I.S.E. instructors

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Native speaking teachers


Disabled Access

Gluten-free menu

Task list




"The stay was an exciting and profound growth experience for our children, their families and the accompanying teachers, we carry wonderful emotions in our hearts, thank you!"

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